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DataCite is a DOI registration agency for datasets.

ALM Name datacite
ALM Configuration default
ALM Core Attributes url (as DOI)
contributor (as creator)
ALM Other Attributes title
Protocol REST
Format JSON or XML
Rate-limiting unknown
Authentication no
Restriction by IP Address no
API URL,doi,creator,title,publisher,publicationYear&fq=is_active:true&fq=has_metadata:true&indent=true

Example Response

  "responseHeader": {
    "status": 0,
    "QTime": 2
  "response": {
    "numFound": 1,
    "start": 0,
    "docs": [
        "doi": "10.5061/DRYAD.8515",
        "relatedIdentifier": [
        "creator": [
          "Ollomo, Benjamin",
          "Durand, Patrick",
          "Prugnolle, Franck",
          "Douzery, Emmanuel J. P.",
          "Arnathau, Céline",
          "Nkoghe, Dieudonné",
          "Leroy, Eric",
          "Renaud, François"
        "publisher": "Dryad Digital Repository",
        "title": [
          "Data from: A new malaria agent in African hominids."
        "publicationYear": "2011"

Source Code

The source code is available here.

Further Documentation